Teach your dog how to spin around the room

Teach your dog how to spin around the room

Teaching your dog to spin is a fun and relatively easy trick to teach your dog. In addition to impressing friends and family, teaching your dog to spin provides an opportunity for you and your dog to bond.

How to teach your dog to spin

To teach your dog to spin:

  1. Have your dog stand in front of you, grab a treat, and hold it in front of their nose.
  2. While keeping the treat the same distance from the ground, move the treat clockwise in a circle around your dog’s body. Your dog’s nose should follow the treat.
  3. Once your dog completes the spin, and is facing you again, say “Yes” and give them the treat.
  4. After a few good reps, stop luring your dog with the treat and instead lure them with your hand. To do this, use two fingers to draw a circle around your dog’s body.
  5. Once your dog is offering 5 spins per minute, say “Spin” and then use your hand to lure them into a spin. With practice, your dog will associate the word “Spin” with the act of spinning.

Other cute tricks you can teach your dog

Once your dog has the hang of spin, teach them how to: