Teach your dog how to crawl across the floor

Teach your dog how to crawl across the floor

Teaching crawl is a fun trick to practice with your dog. In addition to guaranteeing that you’ll giggle and impress your friends and family, teaching your dog to crawl will provide you and your dog with an opportunity to bond.

How to teach your dog to crawl across the floor

To teach your dog how to crawl:

  • Have your dog lie down in front of you.
  • Grab a treat and hold it close to the ground. The moment your dog makes any attempt to crawl towards the treat say “Yes!” and give them the treat.
  • After 10 good reps you can introduce the verbal cue “Crawl.” Do this by saying “Crawl” as soon as your dog starts to move towards the treat.
  • Once your dog is reliably crawling, stop using a treat to lure your dog and instead say “Crawl”, and then point two fingers at the ground. Reward your dog with a treat once they arrive at your hand.
  • Over time, increase the distance your dog needs to crawl in order to get the treat

Other cute tricks you can teach your dog

Once your dog has the hang of crawl, teach them how to: