Support Adopters, Fosters and Reduce Surrenders

With plans starting at less than $2 per pet parent, you can improve adoption outcomes, increase foster retention, and reduce surrenders by providing pet parents with 30 days of text message based training and behavioral support from Petcademy.


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Rescues and shelters across the US, Canada and Australia

Results to Date

70,000+Pets parents supported
60%Adopters who are offered Petcademy engage with the platform
50%Reduction in post-adoption returns

What our partners say

Cole Wakefield Photo

Petcademy allows small organizations like mine to have their own 'behavior team' to assist adopters and communities.

Cole Wakefield - Executive Director @ Good Shepherd Humane Society
Fra Atyeo Photo

Petcademy's information is presented in a user-friendly dashboard. We can quickly see common themes to help us improve our practices and predict issues, in-turn, improving our customer service and adoption success rates. An absolutely brilliant service.

Fra Atyeo - Operations Manager @ Bendigo Animal Relief Centre
April Sanford Photo

Partnering with Petcademy has been such a smart decision for our company, the support they give our adopters is amazing. I could not imagine us not having your services.

April Sanford - Director of Medical Services @ Pet Haven Center
Holly Rogue Picture

Petcademy saves our rescue tons of time having professionals answer training and behavior questions!

Holly Roge - Rescue Director @ Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever
Chasity Garrett Picture

Petcademy provides an extra level of support to the fosters and adopters and allows them to get quick advice on issues they may be having.

Chasity Garret - Animal Enrichment Manager @ Humane Educational Society
Mandy Lewis Photo

Petcademy saves so much extra time and work and give adopters peace of mind and makes them feel like we care, even after the dog is adopted.

Mandy Lewis - Founder and President @ Albert's Dog Lounge
Stephanie Lewis Photo

We have seen a decrease in returns because our adopters are able to reach out and solve simple behavior issues.

Stephanie Lewis - Director of Animal Programs @ Humane Society Naples
Lindsey Bunch Photo

Petcademy takes behavior questions off our plate and frees up more time for us to work on other things AND it helps the pup & foster/adopter work together

Lindsey Bunch - Rescue Operations @ Friends of Dogs Rescue
Emily Rozeske Photo

Petcademy reduces staff time in critical areas of customer care.

Emily Rozeske - Executive Director @ Driftless Humane Society

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With Petcademy you can offer...

Text message support

Adopters, fosters and pet parents considering surrendering their pet can text your organization's unique Petcademy phone number.

Quick response

Our certified trainers respond to every question within 12-hours on weekdays, 24-hours on weekends.

Proven engagement

Over 60% of pet parents ask questions and engage with Petcademy's weekly surveys via text message and email

Automated check-ins

We handle reaching out to pet parents, gathering important data and generating reports for you.

Visual diagram of Petcademy's adoption and fostering courses

Online training courses

All pet parents gain access to Petcademy's adoption and fostering fundamentals courses, developed by certified trainers. These courses are designed to assist them in transitioning their dog or cat into their home.

Fundamental knowledge

Pet parents are given tips and techniques to help them settle their new pet into their home.

Tailored by species and care type

Our trainers created dedicated courses for dogs, cats, fosters and adopters.

Engaging lessons

The content of each course includes animated videos and interactive quizzes to enhance learning and retention.

Pre-surrender support

Reduce intakes by offering Petcademy support to pet parents considering surrendering their pet because of behavioral problems.

Offload support to us

We work directly with pet parents to help them resolve the issues they're having, provide training recommendations, and check in weekly to increase the likelihood they keep their pet.

Pays for itself

The money saved when diversions are successful and a handful of pet parents keep their pets can pay for the entire Petcademy program.

Illustrated example showing Petcademy’s support through text messaging
Pets with Collars.png

Receive donations

We give pet parents the option to upgrade to a premium membership with over 100 lessons and courses. When they upgrade, we give 20% back to you.

Long term support for pet parents

Pet parents have the option to upgrade to our affordable premium membership for 1-year of access to ongoing support.

Sustainable support for your organization

With the option for pet parents to purchase an annual membership, Petcademy's support program can literally pay for itself.

Get set-up in one day

We plug directly into your shelter management system and can get you up and running the same day.

User friendly interface

No need for complicated training or onboarding for your staff, and each member of your team can be set-up with access to your team's dedicated Petcademy dashboard.

Seamless integration

Petcademy seamlessly integrates with Shelterluv, Pawlytics, Shelter Buddy, AnimalsFirst, Animal Shelter Manager and Petpoint.

Automatic reports & insights

Get reports delivered automatically each month with important insights highlighted.


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