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Text us anytime, anywhere with your most pressing training and behavior questions. With your Premium membership, enjoy unlimited access to positive reinforcement based trainers and a library of over 100 animated courses and lessons.


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Over 70,000Pets supported
4.8/5Average rating
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What pet parents say

Thanks to Petcademy my dog has stopped pulling me down the street!

Kelsey M.

My cat loves to scratch and Petcademy helped me identify healthy ways to redirect their scratching towards objects other than my couch. Hershey and I are both happy now!

Judy C.

I love that the videos are bite sized and focused on the key pieces of information I need to keep top of mind.

Wendy S.

The courses have valuable information and are illustrated in a very fun way!

Stetson B.

Perfect advice for new adopters! This is all excellent information to help a family who is new to being a pet owner and has recently adopted a rescued pet!

Winona R.

Super informative, in an easy to access and complete program!

Zoe L.

Thanks for all the guidance and tips. We will use this advice and continue to work with our boy.

Jessica L.

Our dog starting walking and extending her boundaries. We walked almost two miles. We are thrilled! Thank you very much for your support and guidance.

Mike M.

Thanks for everything, you have helped me so much!

Kathy S.
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$129 USD
1-year membership includes
Unlimited access to certified trainers and behavioral consultants
Customized training plan for your dog
70+ video lessons
Unlimited access for one year
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With Petcademy you get to...

Ask a trainer anytime

Our certified trainers are just a text message away

Advice when you need it

Experienced trainers are here to answer all your questions

Fast response

Our certified trainers respond to every question within 12-hours on weekdays, 24-hours on weekends

Proactive outreach

A trainer will check-in monthly to see how things are going and provide recommendations where needed

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Cartoon illustration of pet parent washing their dog in a bathtub.

Build skills over time

Learn everything, from the basics to navigating behavioral challenges

Customized training plan

We’ll tailor your training based on your pet’s age, history and unique needs

Unlimited access to video lessons

Our lessons are created by certified trainers and behavioral consultants specializing in fear-free, positive reinforcement based training

Be part of a community

You are not alone in your journey of training or welcoming a new pet into your life

Interact with other pet parents

Share and learn from other pet parents in our vibrant online communities

Get support when you need it

Share your moments of achievement and challenge, and receive support from fellow pet parents in the community.

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